高齢化社会(Aging society)と対策について英語で討論する

英語便(https://www.eigobin.com/)講師Andrew Clark / Craig Stevens(サンプル)



According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the elderly population aged 65 years or over will number 33 million and will account for more than 26 percent of the population.


Rapid aging of the population will result from a sharp decline in the birthrate.



The aging society in Japan is causing a decline in the labor force.



The increasing cost of the social security system is developing into a major issue.


※ develop into 発達させる/ 高じて~となる

When the population of young workers is less than the elderly, this means the smallest group of people need to carry the heavy burden for supporting the pension system of our society.



The participation of the elderly members of the electorate is significantly higher than the younger generation, so the opinions from the elderly could have more political influence.


※ electorate 選挙民(全体)、選挙母体


It is a challenge for the elderly to find a suitable nursing home while their sons or daughters face difficulties in caring for their parents if either or both are confined to their bed for the long term.


※ confined 床について


We should revise our opinion on the elderly. They are often stereotypically viewed as vulnerable members of society regarding their general state of health.


※ stereotypically 型どおりに

As people’s life expectancy increases physical fitness and overall well-being are generally improving, (excepting the influence of modern medicine, ) so there is no reason to exclude the elderly from employment if they wish to participate.


※ physical fitness 体力・ 幸福・健康状態
※ modern medicine 近代医学
※ exclude 締め出す・除外する

It is time to consider retirement at the comparatively older age of 75 as a realistic future possibility.


※ comparatively 比較的に、わりあいに、かなり

In the past, just after the end of the hostilities of World War Two, it was more of an achievement to attain a life expectancy of 60. Nowadays, this age is assumed to be easy to achieve and indeed it can be a surprise to hear that someone has passed away as a sexagenarian. Is it worth reconsideration of what constitutes “old age”?


※ hostility 戦争行為
※ attain 達成する
※ sexagenarian 60歳の
※ constitute 制定する

 以上、「高齢化」に関する例文をいくつかご紹介しました。私の住むイギリスには、高齢者のためのPrivate communityというものがあります。私の義理の叔父がそこで暮らしていましたが、大きなスーパーの近くの敷地に1~2人が住む家が集まっています。24時間介護のプロが常駐し、個人の持つアラームや壁にとりつけられたアラームにより何かあれば駆け付けてくれます。通常は自由に買い物にいったり、近所の人とおしゃべりしたり普通に暮らしています。自由に動ける人にとっては住みやすいところです。海外にもこういったところがたくさんできるといいですね。